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Weeknotes 2023-09-04

, Jochen
UIs are big, messy, mutable, stateful bags of sadness. --Josh Abernathy

Usual work week. Finally upgraded my Debian boxes from bullseye to bookworm and had no problems. Wow 🤯. Found a workaround for a long-standing PyCharm limitation: If you use a German keyboard layout, it's not possible to switch windows or comment out lines of code using keyboard shortcuts. Just install the Keymap Nationalizer Plugin and select your actual keyboard layout.

Didn't have much time for open source last week, but nonetheless managed to add a theme chooser for django-cast. You can now choose your theme and save the result in the session. So now it's possible for all users to try out new themes. Now I have a reason to polish the other themes a bit 😅. If you want to try it, just click on the B in the menu bar.




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