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Weeknotes 2023-08-21

, Jochen

We begin in admiration and end by organizing our disappointment. --Gaston Bachelard

Attended a local Django meetup in Cologne and had to learn that the one in Cologne is unfortunately the last active Django meetup in Germany 😢. The topic was django CMS which I knew nothing about, and I was surprised how similar it is to Wagtail which I use a lot.

Added a categories/tags feature (beta) to django-cast, which I postponed because I was afraid that messing with the faceted navigation code in filters.py (based on django-filter) would be hard. It turned out to be as hard as I expected, but now it's done 😅.

On Saturday we went hiking in the Neandertal 🥾, because that's where I live. And we managed to leave it the way you want to find it: as a fascinating puzzle for archaeologists. We did this by throwing a baby carriage (without the baby) into the Düssel (the river that formed the valley).