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First post


A few weeks ago, I lost my old homepage. The motherboard of the server broke and my provider said that it was so old that they couldn't find a replacement. They tried to put the hard drive into a newer server, but this also didn't work, because the vintage linux version I was using refused to boot on this newfangled contraption.

The last time I updated my machine might have been more then ten years ago. I have a backup, but getting my old stuff to run on a new system requires some work. And if I have to do some work anyway, why not spend it on something interesting and new instead of wasting it on outdated concepts?

So, here we are. I'm building a new homepage from the ground up, rationalizing my yakshaving and NIH syndrom using words like "interesting", "new" and - oh, almost forgot about this - "fun".

 As of today, it's possible to post text articles. Even formatted ones. The next thing I'll try is to add images.