Weeknotes 2021-07-05

, Jochen

Worked a little bit on documentation for django_fileresponse. Recorded development on django-cast in 5 new streams (one each weekday). New things I tried in those streams:

  • Recording video with greenscreen and flying key instead of picture in picture - not sure whether this is better or not
  • Used an iPad to draw some diagrams, worked fine, gut I have to practice drawing :). Buyed goodnotes notetaking app, to be able to have text and drawings mixed, which seem to be impossible with apple notes.
  • Streamed to Twitch and YouTube at the same time using restream.io.
Deployment of cast_hosting is working again. Tried to get video and audio content to work with new wagtail based django-cast, but didn't succeed yet. And we recorded and produced a new python podcast episode about python packaging.

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