Weeknotes 2021-07-19

, Jochen

Recorded development progress of django-cast in 5 new streaming sessions (one only with headset and laptop). Found out that multi upload for images included in wagtail is more or less exactly what I want for audio uploads. Made my first really bad mistake by having audio muted for over half of the first stream on monday, but found out how to display audio levels in my atem multiview monitor so that this shouldn't happen again. Update / delete of videos does now work basically. Had a hard time figuring out where exactly the video chooser modal enters the editor when clicking on the chooser (it was in wagtail_hooks.py). But the video chooser is only working correctly with wagtail 2.12 not with 2.13 . Still trying to figure out how to get this thing to work. Tested streaming with mobile setup (HMC 660 + OBS) and failed because I only recorded a corner of my screen, but audio was better than expected.

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