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Weeknotes 2021-10-11


Implemented a naive bayes spamfilter from scratch in one stream on monday. Learned some details about testing with PyCharm (right click on project root, set as test root for example) which made it work much better. Integrated the new spamfilter model into django-cast and added an "retrain"-button to the admin frontend. Tried to use Python 3.10 for django-cast and submitted a PR for l18n. Got a little bit frustrated about my current combination of pyenvvirtualfish and poetry making it difficult to upgrade to 3.10 (especially poetry, ugh). Then I finally cleaned up the django-cast project structure so that I don't need those ugly symlinks to make things work. 

Recorded a new python podcast episode about the latest Python 3.10 release and other stuff :).

Things I Looked at Last Week