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Weeknotes 2021-10-18


Started a small new project to be able to automatically deploy my podcast hosting infrastructure called fastdeploy. It's a little bit different because I want to be able to try hot and experimental stuff in this project. Therefore I didn't use good old boring django but fastAPI as the backend web framework and Vue.js / Vite for the frontend. I also switched my IDE for this from PyCharm to Visual Studio Code to be able to use it for both python and typescript. For backend dependency management I switched from poetry to pip-tools. So lots of new stuff :).

One of the reasons I chose fastAPI for this project was that it has builtin support for async and websockets. And getting Vue.js and fastAPI to communicate over websockets was easier then expected. Getting vue components to communicate via props and events was a little bit more difficult especially when using <script setup> and typescript, but now it works quite nice.

Adding authentication capabilities to fastAPI was more difficult then expected. Had to refactor the fastdeploy project structure a bit (settings, router) and I feel more comfortable with it.

Things I Looked at Last Week