Weeknotes 2021-10-25

, Jochen

I predicted fastdeploy to be done in two weeks, but it's not. Seems I have to spend a few more days on that. But all major obstacles are resolved, so I'm still pleased with the progress.

Fastdeploy Backend

Worked on getting database tests running with FastAPI and SQLModel and it was not that easy. What I would have liked to have is that after each test the database is rolled back into the same state it had before the test ran. This is the default behaviour when using pytest-django. But I couldn't get it to work. I ended up dropping and recreating the database after each test (which is not bad as it sounds, because my test database is only a small sqlite file), but this is not an elegant solution, to say the least.

Fastdeploy Frontend

I had to find out, you cannot use an "authorization" hader with an JWT payload for websocket authentication, because you can't set custom headers for websocket connections.  Then I played a little bit around with list transitions in Vue.js and this was quite fun :). Used a vue plugin to make the http client awailable in my vue components. Struggled a little bit with async methods on the client (`this`was available in sync methods but not in async, wtf?). Used a navigation guard from vue router to redirect users to the login component when not authenticated.

Things I Looked at Last Week

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