Weeknotes 2022-01-10 Changed Streaming Schedule

, Jochen
During the last week, I switched from starting my programming stream around 10 am to 8-10 pm. I had to configure artificial lighting and broke a lamp on the first evening. My setup still needs some fine-tuning.

For my podcast hosting SaaS project, I thought about how to deploy a single new podcast and how to integrate this with fastdeploy. Should the podcast hosting app itself create a the database and configure systemd? Should fastdeploy do it? Usually, you would need to have different service tokens for each new podcast in fastdeploy. This clearly needs some redesign. But I think I'll go for something like that:

  1. User submits desired domain name
  2. Podcast registry starts a deployment for the cast_hosting service providing a config including username, token to update the registry, etc.
  3. After cast_hosting is successfully deployed it sends a register/password change URL back to the registry to let the user in






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