Weeknotes 2022-03-14

, Jochen
Still working on the sqlmodel removal from fastdeploy and adding some kind of software architecture:
  • Fetching the deploy steps for a service now works again
  • The cli commands work again with the new application architecture
  • All api endpoints work again
  • All the e2e frontend tests work again
So, it's nearly done. There's probably a new release next week. This whole thing took about 3 weeks (working only in my spare time). That's a bit more than I would have expected, but new things which were not planned got added too (async db support for example). Well, it's probably a good idea to have smaller chunks of work, but that is difficult to do if you rewrite lots of infrastructure stuff. My current rationalization for my time being well spent goes like this: As long as it is helping me shifting costs from marginal to fixed, additional effort is fine.

Maybe this bot can help me preventing further doomscrolling.

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