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Weeknotes 2022-03-21

Catched a cold, not corona, but still bad. Spent most of last week refactoring fastdeploy. There are still two difficult to fix issues left but it's usable anyway. Wrote some release notes this time :).

The second thing I spent time on was mealie. It's a receipt manager implemented with fastAPI and vue which is a stack I use, too. So I played around with it a little bit and deployed it to my own infrastructure. This was easier than expected, but I found an a bug in fastdeploy (big task output breaks on `await proc.stdout.readline()`). Wonder whether people pay money for a hosted version of mealie?

Things I Learned

  • Usually I prefer to run my tests directly with pytest instead of vscode because my console output is nicely colorized and it's much easier to add options like '--full-trace' etc. but I just found out it's at least possible to view the test stdout in vscode using ⌘⇧U and then selecting "Python Test Log" from the dropdown on the upper right. So I might run tests from vscode from time to time now :).
  • You can install optional poetry dependencies with `poetry install -E optional_name`