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Weeknotes 2022-05-09


Attended Beyond Tellerrand 2022 which was a lot of fun. The wather was really nice this week, so I spent a fair amount of time outside. The new macro-capabilities of my phone camera are really nice (or scary, depending on the motive):

I finally started fixing the jupyterlab rename bug I stumbled upon the week before. The main problem implementing the fix is how to mock the shouldOverwrite function in the dialog.ts module. It's easy to mock functions with jest if you just want to mock the function you are calling in a test. But if you call a function that calls a function from the same module which you then want to mock, things get complicated. I commented on this issue two years ago, let's see how often I have to revisit it, until finding a fix 😌.

And then I released  kptncook 0.0.7 increasing mealie login timeout.