Weeknotes 2022-07-11

, Jochen

Progress on having a landing page where people can create podcasts/blogs:

  • Wrote some tests for cast_registry
  • Fixed some deprecation warnings
  • Enabled a custom admin url for production
  • I wanted to add a "remove this blog"-feature to cast_registry to make it easier for me to test deployments. My time estimate for this feature would have been "just a few hours". But this story kept spawning sub-issues and getting bigger and bigger. The initial estimation would have been far off. What would be more valuable: Stick to the original estimate and promise myself to fx it later or fix it now and forget about my estimation? My lesson from situations like this is that estimates are pretty worthless. I just try to maximize the value of the thing I'm working on and don't do any estimations. Below are some of the sub-issues 😅.







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