Weeknotes 2022-07-25

, Jochen

Found a workaround for the fastdeploy / SQLAlchemy / asyncpg / Linux deadlock bug. I now instantiate a new SQLAlchemy engine on every request. That's probably not very efficient, since it would be better to use the engine's built-in ability to hold a connection pool, but having working code is a good start.

Progress on having a landing page where people can create podcasts/blogs:

  • Finished Add remove domain / deployed fqdn #14
  • Finished Switch between cast / wordpress #2 for deployments 🍾 - it was a complete surprise for me that this is even possible. But since I have now a working deployment system where all responsibilities are nicely separated, it's possible no not only to deploy Django, but anything including weird stuff like Wordpress without having to worry the rest of my system might suffer.
  • Finished Fix pytest warnings + some cleanup stuff and coverage





  • django-readers | A lightweight function-oriented toolkit for better organisation of business logic and efficient selection and projection of data in Django projects.
  • django-sesame has a new tutorial | I'm searching for a solution to be able to log in users for a newly deployed site without having to store a password. This could be one.


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