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Weeknotes 2022-08-01


For the last two weeks, I was on vacation, so no work. Seems my job is to listen to podcasts because there were significantly fewer episodes I listened to. Need to check with my boss 😄.

Had to learn the hard way that shared albums in apple photos are completely broken and will cripple your images (max width or height set to 2048px + conversion from heic to low quality jpeg). And even if you stop following a shared album, those broken images still sit in your library and you have to remove them manually one by one. Great fun if you just imported a few hundred photos from a shared album. I don't understand tech companies'  obsession with destroying their user's photos. Signal is bad, Whatsapp is worse, and now even you Apple? A working method for Apple devices is to generate an iCloud share link (which takes lots of time) from which others then can import the original photos.

Progress on having a landing page where people can create podcasts/blogs:






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