Weeknotes 2022-08-01

, Jochen

For the last two weeks, I was on vacation, so no work. Seems my job is to listen to podcasts¬†because there were significantly fewer episodes I listened to. Need to check with my boss ūüėĄ.

Had to learn the hard way that shared albums in apple photos are completely broken and will cripple your images (max width or height set to 2048px + conversion from heic to low quality jpeg). And even if you stop following a shared album, those broken images still sit in your library and you have to remove them manually one by one. Great fun if you just imported a few hundred photos from a shared album. I don't understand tech companies'  obsession with destroying their user's photos. Signal is bad, Whatsapp is worse, and now even you Apple? A working method for Apple devices is to generate an iCloud share link (which takes lots of time) from which others then can import the original photos.

Progress on having a landing page where people can create podcasts/blogs:






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