Weeknotes 2022-08-08

, Jochen

Back to work. Picked up my jogging habit after having to stop during covid / vacation and it worked out fine. Made plans to get more into music again (atm just got more hardware).

Progress on having a landing page where people can create podcasts/blogs:

  • #32 fixed by only having one place to turn on the test client
  • #33 moved registry app urls into urls.py of registry app
  • #34 tests for account and social account adapters only open for registration with appropriate setting present
  • #35 test coverage is now at 100%
  • #36 fixed some mypy issues
  • #37 replace poetry with pip-tools
  • #38 fixed showing multiple running deployments at the same time for tests
  • #39 tried to speed up ansbile (mostly without success)
  • #40 handling of exceptions raised during starting a deployment






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