Weeknotes 2022-10-31

, Jochen

Spent quite some time fiddling around with my phone and Computers because of the iOS 16.1 / macOS 13 releases. Notes stopped syncing with my Macs (which happens with every major release). Reminders synced shared lists across different users and phones (wow, that usually also breaks on new releases), but it stopped syncing with my watch, so I had to take out my phone and look at it during grocery shopping (like an animal). I also tried out the eagerly awaited shared iCloud photo library, and ran into a lot of edge cases/bugs (the image and video counts stopped being accurate for me a while ago, but now they are just going crazy: edited images are converted to  tiff sometimes and then they cannot be uploaded to iCloud anymore and some images just refuse to be added to the shared library, etc pp). Maybe I have just too many notes, reminders, and photos.

Worked a little bit on django-cast to bring its dependencies up to date. There's a Wagtail RFC 71: support for responsive images that maybe makes my wagtail-srcset workaround obsolete. Would be cool if this is no longer needed. Planning to look into this in the next week.









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