Weeknotes 2022-12-05

, Jochen
my work is terrible, and if *you* like it, well that says more about you than it does about me @carnapping

Worked the whole week with sick kids at home and finally got sick, too. Using the new Wagtail-based django-cast in production revealed lots of little bugs I tried to fix:

  • Fixed the title tag for post detail pages - thanks to Johannes for reporting this
  • Fixed gallery.html images to link to the original image source image (not relevant for this site, but sometimes relatives are trying to print out photos, etc: now they get at least a fair chance to print decent-looking images)
  • Lazy loading for gallery images (the image sizes are not quite right, yet this is just a mitigation)
  • Increased Gunicorn timeout to 10 minutes -> it's now possible to upload big videos
  • Fixed the size of the feed logo for my homepage (the python-podcast logo is inside a javascript blob called subscribe button, I have no idea how to put a size on that)
  • Upgraded from raven to sentry_sdk for my homepage and python-podcast (depleted my sentry transaction immediately, I have no idea why)
  • Fixed traefik config for mastodon: removed the separate config file for streaming
  • Fixed x-forwarded-for logging for Gunicorn for django-template, homepage, and python-podcast.de
  • Updated bootstrap and jquery for my homepage and python-podcast, removed popper
  • Added Plausible to my homepage and python-podcast (my own analytics stuff is still broken, maybe someone fixed this in the meantime by providing a suitable SaaS?)
  • Fixed a small bug in django-cast causing wagtail preview to fail

Merged a PR to my little kptncook command line scraper. More about this in Kptncook and Mealie.


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