Weeknotes 2022-12-26

, Jochen
'Man goes to doctor. Says he is CEO of AI startup but has no idea how to become profitable. Doctor says solution is simple. Advanced model GPT-4 is in town. Ask it how to profit, and it will surely know the answer. Man bursts into tears. “But doctor” he says “you are GPT-4”' --@utsu__kun

Lots of Christmas preparations and the usual work stuff. Attended the Django Meetup Cologne in person for the first time in a while and it was great. Reported a bug on takahē discord and saw this PR 9 minutes later 😮. This PR for Django 4.2 looks great! Maybe I can get rid of the monkey-patching stuff I do in django_fileresponse 🥳. Wrote a TIL about how to deploy takahē without docker.

Someone implemented a business model very similar to one I also think about implementing for a while: Just let people rent software deployed somewhere for an hourly/daily/monthly fee (mastodon, jupyterhub server, ...): Replace expensive per-seat SaaS with tap-to-install open-source apps - I just have to set up a landing page and collect some email addresses, no?

Using a time machine backup from an intel-based MacBook to restore it on a new M2-based MacBook led to some unexpected consequences:

  • Printing didn't work anymore (printing is always the first thing to stop working btw). The printer queue complained about a paper jam, but this was just a mismatched error code, I guess. The real problem was the intel-based printer driver didn't work on ARM. Installing the old intel-based printer driver from the manufacturer's website (the latest was for a macOS version a few years ago) triggered the rosetta installation and then it worked.
  • GnuPG stopped working because of the same problem and then installing a native version via homebrew didn't work because now the new version couldn't read the old version's keys. Solved by creating a new key and copying the sensible data in plain text, meh.


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