Weeknotes 2023-01-09

, Jochen
in 2023 i have decided to become worse and more unhinged and more of a hater. maybe i will start yelling and biting. i am going chihuahua mode --@punished_cait

Still on vacation. Fixed some bugs in django-cast:

  • The slim version of jQuery broke the comments feature
  • API overview was broken due to a broken reverse lookup for 'image_list'
  • Fixed a bad spam filter bug and recorded a stream fixing it. This was the first programming stream I recorded after about a year and it was surprisingly difficult to get the whole setup up and running again 😆. And it worked: No false positive "ham" comments since 2023-01-04 (should make a badge out of this..)
  • New django-cast release 0.2.1

Other packages:


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