Weeknotes 2023-01-23

, Jochen
That’s why Tesla is right about banning remote work. I know a guy who claims to work for Tesla but also has a gig at a Telcom, at a freight company, does a side job digging holes, sells medical implants AND trades crypto. But he spends most of his time shitposting on twitter. --@avsa

Had to work quite a bit and went to the Django Meetup Cologne and a PyDDF event which I both enjoyed very much. I'm also looking forward to attending PyCon DE & PyData Berlin 2023 in April. For django-cast I fixed a little issue raising an exception when an unknown language is set for a code block. But then there was also a bigger change splitting posts into post and episode models which is at least partly covered in a live stream.

In other news: Snow!






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