Weeknotes 2023-03-13

, Jochen
Whenever someone at work tries to make you do something hard, simply because "you did it last time", remember that Elrond had been to Mount Doom before.
Sometimes you need to make the hobbits do the work so they stop seeing it as a zero-cost action. --John Bull

Covid has returned for a second round. Considering the amount of work to do, I hope it will be mild this time. We already had to cancel two podcast appointments because of sickness, so no podcast episode this month.

But I'm pleased about the progress achieved on django-cast last week. It's now possible to switch between themes using the wagtail admin (for the complete site or a single blog). You can also add your own bunch of theme templates in a new directory and select it in the admin. At the moment this only works with Django template loaders that are filesystem based. I also fixed a little bug causing a broken backlink when you commented on a post without Javascript (wagtail pages do not implement get_absolute_url by default).







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