Weeknotes 2023-03-20

, Jochen
sorry about that, i wasn’t making a strange face because of what you said on the team sync meeting, but because i’ve been watching my own camera the whole time, and at all times i am nothing but a horse discovering his own reflection --henry ✷

Covid is gone 😷, but I had to deal with a lot of sickness-related stuff last week, therefore not a lot happened except the usual work stuff. I updated my local Mastodon instance to version 4.1.1 and it went surprisingly smooth. Just like all the others I played around with GPT-4 and found it to be a bit better (more knowledge about details, working better as a world model).

For django-cast I tried to add htmx support but got stuck fixing bugs introduced by the week before last week's theme-switching feature - details are in the release notes for django-cast 0.2.9. Django-cast was also featured in last week's Django News newsletter 😎. This comes a little bit early but at least it's pushing me to create some proper installation documentation 😬.



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Out of Context Images

Couldn't go outside much due to covid. Sometimes I think some higher being put a sticker like that below (reading "please ignore the dog") on my back.

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