Weeknotes 2023-04-24

, Jochen
Me, walking up to the front desk of the hotel: I have a weird question
Clerk: there are no weird questions
Me: I have an NFC chip implanted in my hand, and I was wondering whether you'd be willing to enroll it as a new key for my room
Clerk: you want me to do what?? I need to see this. What room?
Didn't even ask for ID.--Quinn Wilton
Btconf via midjourney

This past week was quite eventful 😅. On Monday morning, I had an emergency dental appointment due to a broken tooth crown 😬. Following that, I attended the Beyond Tellerrand conference on Monday and Tuesday, which proved to be an excellent experience filled with inspiring talks and engaging conversations with fellow attendees. A special shoutout and warm greetings to the hosts of the WWSIV podcast 🎙️!

Throughout the week, I attempted to make django-cast compatible with the upcoming Wagtail 5 release, but faced challenges mainly due to the usage of modules from 'wagtail.core' in migrations 🐛 and the removal of 'image_node.filter_spec' attribute. Additionally, I had to resolve an issue with old comments being invisible on python-podcast.de as a result of the migration to Wagtail and changes to the Django episode model's primary keys 🔧 - thanks to Norbert for the heads up. Unfortunately, there was no django-cast release this week 😞.

In my spare time, I delved into my new LLM hobby by starting to read the "Natural Language Processing with Transformers" book 📚. On Friday morning, I attended a Creative Mornings talk discussing ChatGPT and midjourney, though it didn't present much new information for me 🤷‍♀️ but the room was packed and there seems to be a lot of buzz around this topic. Later that day, I attempted to record a screencast with Manuel about the "nlp with transformers"-book and some LLM implementation stuff, but we faced technical difficulties with real-time collaboration on Jupyter notebooks. I subsequently wrote a TIL post about the experience, hoping that for our next screencast, it will work better 🤞.

Lastly, I managed to take some time and enjoy the outdoors – very good! 🌳


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