Weeknotes 2023-06-12

, Jochen
"I was born in 1994"
- boring
- heard it before
- tells you nothing
"I was born in the year of Cotton Eye Joe"
- arouses curiosity
- who was Cotton Eye Joe
- where did he come from?
- where did he go?
- Cotton Eye Joe

-- snart

A deep dive into htmx and Alpine.js. Mixing hyperscript in weird htmx attributes with javascript in even weirder alpine attributes embedded in already weird Django template syntax is often too much for PyCharm and djhtml. But it still works - so far I can't complain. A while ago, my printer broke down. I got a new one this week. I had to deal with some bureaucracy because the refund went to a bank account that no longer exists.

Another WWDC was held and some weird hardware got announced. But on the plus side, PWAs on Apple platforms finally seem to be getting interesting. So, yay for that. I went to a meeting of the local Python user group, which was a lot of fun. And finally, summer is here, so I spent a lot of time out in the sun, barbecuing, etc.





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