Weeknotes 2023-09-18

, Jochen

At work I used htmx and Alpine.js again and I think this is a really powerful combination. I hope the view transition api, which is currently only implemented in Chrome, will be available in other browsers soon. I also did some thinking about how to display PDFs on web pages using PDF.js.

For my personal site, I had to fix the image rendition deletion incident from last week, and I thought a bit about wagtail_srcset and new image formats like AVIF. Maybe I should keep it simple and assume that all devices are now high pixel density devices and always use images that are three times the logical pixel size, and then use AVIF as the file format? I don't know yet.

And since Postgres 16 was released, I upgraded all my stuff to the new version and wrote a TIL post about it. And I also did some non-computer related activities this week: I participated in the local #klimastreik and moved a lot of furniture (whatever it takes to do that all day - I don't have it and like to take a bath in Voltaren now).



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