Weeknotes 2023-10-23

, Jochen
Open source AI models will soon become unbeatable. Period. --Yann LeCun

Home improvement is still going strong. Painting furniture is more time consuming and difficult than expected 🛠️ 🖌️🎨.

At work I used a combination of Alpine.js and htmx to make a chart drawn by apexcharts react smoothly to form change events (input change -> hx-trigger="change" on form -> get request -> swap html with chart data serialized by jsonscript tag -> response triggers htmx event after swap -> alpinejs component updates chart data on htmx event -> chart animation to new state). This is a lot of fun!

And somehow I also managed to do some open source stuff this week. My fastdeploy project is now Python 3.12 compatible thanks to the uvloop 0.18.0 release. There was a bug in the urljoin method of kptncook that is now fixed, and I got some information about additional kptncook api endpoints that may lead to new commands that can be used to search for recipes. There will be a new wagtail 5.2 release in November that adds proper picture and srcset_image template tags. Maybe my wagtail_srcset project will become obsolete? We'll see, I have to try out the new template tags next week. Then I released a new django-cast version, adding Python 3.12 support and dropping Python 3.9 support. And finally I started to dust off my old data science tutorial project because someone wanted to use it and had to realize that it did not work anymore. Maybe I can use this as an excuse to get back into that whole data science topic (LLM fine / instruction tuning, oh yeah?).






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