Weeknotes 2024-01-29

, Jochen
The Web is the set of digital networked technologies that work to increase user agency. --Robin Berjon

Busy work week in between projects. Didn't have time to do much besides just that.

50 Django Meetup and Sprint at Ambient Innovation

Attended the 50th Django Cologne Meetup and mini sprint which was great. Thanks to Ronny and Sarah for organizing this event and the other Sarah and Thibaud for their interesting talk and the discussion about the future of Django roadmap.



  • HTMX: Die perfekte UI-Technologie?! // deutsch | I don't know why I've been watching more videos that I completely disagree with lately. Maybe YouTube's recommendation engine has found my weak spots and is starting to take advantage of them? Jedenfalls macht sich hier Golo ordentlich zum Horst (just to be able to find the reference later).






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