Weeknotes 2024-03-18

, Jochen

Look, it's not our fault you people are made out of telemetry we can monetize --lcamtuf

Normal work week. Still catching up on my open source stuff:

  • Finally released django-cast 0.2.28 which adds a way to provide all the data needed to render lists of posts without hitting the database. At the moment this is only used by the feed view, but more views will follow soon. And Wagtail 6 is now supported, while support for Wagtail 4 and Django < 4.2 is dropped.
  • New kptncook release fixing a bug in the json export, thanks to @ton-An
  • And a django-filepond release fixing some minor issues

Two weeks ago, I thought I had got my home network problems under control. But I was wrong - after my futile router and switch replacements, my wife's masterful Ethernet crimping skills finally fixed our home network problems.






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