Weeknotes 2024-05-06

, Jochen
Journalism is making the same mistake with AI that they made with bloggers. They jumped to the incorrect conclusion that we were trying to do what they do. --Dave Winer

Made some solid progress on django-cast. It now has support for Podlove Web Player version 5. Although it still works, version 4 is no longer officially supported. I wanted to switch to version 5 for a long time, mainly because I see it as a prerequisite for adding a transcripts feature. What is also possible now is to heavily customize the appearance of the audio player. For example, if you go to my Python Podcast site, click on the little 'B' in the menu bar, and then select the 'Python Podcast' theme, you get a completely different looking player. This is also important because it might be possible to have a good looking podcast template (yes, I'm finally working on one).

And then there's support for the new Wagtail 6.1 release. All I had to do was to implement the new expand_db_attributes_many method in my custom PageLinkHandler to avoid database queries.

It's really warm in the great outdoors, so I spent some time there. And I enjoyed watching a ballet performance at the nearby opera house.




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