Weeknotes 2024-05-13

, Jochen
Everyone seems to be obsessed with passive income but I’m set on passive-aggressive income, so you should probably pay me back if you care even the slightest amount about our friendship and how much I thought it meant to you. --Alice McFlurry

Short work week. Normally, I just sport a Neandertal look at work, but last week I decided to go full method-acting by working directly from the actual Neandertal!

Released a new version of django-cast that introduces cover images for posts. For podcasts, the iTunes artwork is used as a fallback. There are also some bugfixes and documentation improvements.






  • Self-Hosted Open Source - Michael Kennedy | Yep, the vibe is mostly right. Personally I go a step further and ditch Docker as well (Michael made the argument that using Docker increases security somehow, which is false, of course ).

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