Weeknotes 2024-05-27

, Jochen
OH: “Or, as Randall Munroe once said: «This quote is taken out of context»” --hukl

Normal work week, nothing to see here. Fixed a nasty bug in django-cast. Having a lot of state attached to the feed instance in combination with caching caused posts from blog A to be served to the feed of blog B 🫢. Big thanks to Niklas for reporting this. Johannes also pointed it out and, to add insult to injury, suggested I switch to his static site generator for blogging. If there's any truth to the sunk cost fallacy, it's too late for me now. That ship has sailed. Managed to release an update for django-cast with some additional fixes. Notably, I had to pin “wagtail < 6.1” again because I found out that the audio and video chooser are now broken, and fixing them seems quite challenging.

Over the weekend, I went to watch a kids’ bouldering competition because of reasons.



  • The pencil test | What really creeps me out isn’t that we’re great at imagining non-conscious things as people - that’s just a harmless quirk. It’s that we might be just as mistaken about actual people, and we’re stuck in a cosmic horror plot.
  • I brought beer! | Webcomic
  • Git cheat sheet by Julia Evans | Oh, this is great. Can't wait for the "How Git Works" article! 🎉



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