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Weeknotes 2022-06-27

, Jochen

Tried to use this new 9€ Ticket for a trip we would normally use a car for and it was possible, but not comfortable :).

Weeknotes 2022-06-20

, Jochen

Finally got covid, felt like shit for three days, getting better now. Not much besides covid and some work this week.






Weeknotes 2022-06-13

, Jochen

Spent lots of time on the road. But also went outsides and enjoyed the great weather. Met a lot of people and attended a circus performance. Covid hit very very close.. still unsure whether it missed. Finished the post-production of a podcast episode about databases.

Weeknotes 2022-06-06

, Jochen

The conveniently located bakery across the street closed their doors forever: no bread for you! Leveled up my outdoor game: spent time outside despite it was raining. Recorded a podcast episode about databases. Apple notes keeps autocorrecting weeklog to "Wehklag" - it isn't that bad, is it?