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Weeknotes 2023-10-09

, Jochen

If you remember having to get off the internet because your parents or a sibling wanted to use the phone, now is a good time to schedule a colonoscopy. Michelle Catherine Marcó

Work week shortened by a little bit of vacation and a cold I caught. Released the podcast episode about environments and packaging tools in Python that we recorded the week before last. Recorded a new podcast episode on Kubernetes. Upgraded a second project to pydantic > 2, and again it was more trouble than expected. On the other hand, upgrading my projects to Python 3.12 went pretty smoothly. There was a minor issue where the configure script preferred openssl@1.1 instead of 3 when both were installed (on M1 based Macs). And the built-in venv module does not install setuptools by default, which broke some packages trying to import something from distutils (uh oh) or something like that.


  • Tailwind, and the death of web craftsmanship | Well, I probably fall into this "backend engineer forced to do frontend stuff" (I just paste my html into chatGPT and ask it to move the button a little bit to the right, which works), but maybe I should have a look at real CSS
  • Programming Sucks | Still valid even after ten years
  • Web server ‘hello world’ benchmark : Go vs Node.js vs Nim vs Bun | I don't know. Benchmarking is hard, and you have to be really careful about what you measure. For example: I would highly doubt any hello world benchmark that reports lower numbers for Python than for NodeJS, because you should be using exactly the same code in both cases (libuv). If you use something different, you measured something different against libuv, not NodeJS vs. Python (I got almost the same numbers in my own benchmarks...).




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