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Weeknotes 2022-04-18


Met a lot of people last week. Spent the first half of the week going to this years PyCon DE despite I thought I wouldn't. This was really cool (day 1, day 2, day 3). After that I spent the last half of the week attending family appointments. Avoided to catch fire / covid, ffp2 ftw. Somebody was more successful than me reversing the kptncook app and opened an github issue to notify me about that. How awesome is that? As soon as I'll be able to spent more time on computer stuff I'm going to enhance my kptncook-scraper accordingly.

Things I Learned

  • auto_error in fastAPI allows you to test for different authentication methods (cookie, bearer token, etc), but using an authentication middleware as in django is probably a cleaner solution
  • It's not possible to return values from dependencies declared at router level in fastapi, but you could attach stuff to the request and use it as a container for additional state